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Posted on: 6/4/2010

SCCAEPA Co-hosted A Technical Session at CESASC Technical Symposium

On April 24, 2010, SCCAEPA co-hosted a technical session on Environment and Transportation at 2010 CESASC Annual Technical Symposium held at San Gabriel Hilton.

The session was co-chaired by Dr. Weixing Tong(president of SCCAEPA) and Dr. Endi Zhai(president of ICTPA). SCCAEPA board member,Dr. Jim Kang gave a presentation on ¡°Review of Current Green Remediation Technologies and Their Challenges¡±, SCCAEPA member, Dr. Don Tsai gave a presentation on ¡°Recycled Water Applications in the Los Angles Region, California,
USA¡±. SCCAEPA board member, Dr. Hung-Li Chang also gave a presentation on ¡°The Rulemaking Process: Greenhouse Gas
Reduction through Renewable Energy¡± at Clean/Green/Alternative Energy session.

A group of SCCAEPA members attended the CESASC 48th Annual Convention banquet. They are: Weixing Tong, Rebecca Chou, Yue Rong, Yi Lu, Ann Lin, Peter Chang, Wen Yang, Jason Wen, Endi Zhai, Chuching Wang.

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