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Posted on: 5/11/2006

e-Newsletter 2006

May 2006

(editor of this issue: Weixing Tong, Ph.D.)

Quote of the Quarter

¡°The best gift given to anyone is
to have others speak well of him or her.¡±
Garth R. Morgan
(Water Resources Engineer, IEUA )

•  SCCAEPA Board Meeting. A regular board meeting was held on 4/22/06 at Hilton Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles. Topics discussed in the meeting include 1) Outreach activities; 2) New grant from MWD; 3) Potential Environmental Symposium in 2006 and other future activities; 4) Association website upgrade; and 5) Association scholarship.

•  SCCAEPA has recently received a project grant from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) to conduct Chinese community outreach activities (i.e., radio show and conference) regarding various environmental protection and water conservation issues.

•  Public Outreach Project Update:

Two radio shows:

•  3/31/06 (AM1370 Station), on e-waste and environmental pollution by Ms. Joan Huang and Dr. Yue Rong

•  4/21/06 (AM1370 Station), by Dr. Jason Wen and Dr. Guangyu Wang.

Thanks to all the volunteers for the radio shows and public events: Ms. Joan Huang, Dr. Yue Rong, Dr. Jason Wen, and Dr. Guangyu Wang.

•  On April 22, 2006 (the Earth Day), SCCAEPA co-hosted a session of the 2006 CESASC Technical Symposium. Two speakers are invited for the environmental subject: Mr. Gu, Guangming, Science and Technology Consul of the PRC General Consulate in LA speaking on The Role of Science and Technology in China's Development; and Dr. Yue Rong on ¡°MTBE \uFFFD How California Deals with it and What is up Globally.¡±

•  On May 1, 2006, Dr. Weixing Tong, on behalf of SCCAEPA, participated in a dinner meeting with Dr. Johnsee Lee, President of Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, and his group. Over ten local Chinese professional associations were invited to introduce their organizations.

•  Announcement: We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Sun Liang of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California will conduct a series of radio shows on behalf of SCCAEPA on water issues in Southern California. Dr. Liang has more than 20 years experience working in the drinking water and water purification treatment and is currently a manager at MWD.

The first radio show by Dr. Liang will be on May 23, 2006, 11am-12pm on AM1300/1600, on a topic of "Save Water, Save Money". Please tune in.

The second show will probably be offered sometimes in July of this year. Please stay tuned on that one as well for time and date.

Water News

•  Study: Quake would put drinking water at risk
(Contra Costa Times, 5/12) " Even a moderate earthquake could cause California's aging levee system to collapse, flooding 400,000 houses and sending brine into the drinking water of homes across Northern California. "

•  West Basin envisions its future water supply
(West Basin Municipal Water District, 5/11) NEW RELEASE. " Assembly Member Ted Lieu and several local City Council Members visited the West Basin Water Recycling Facility to learn about water issues facing the region and the proactive approach West Basin has taken to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for the future. West Basin's service area includes much of the South Bay, which makes up a large portion of Assembly Member Lieu's District. "

•  Earth's dwindling water supply
(The Real Truth, 5/11) " It has been estimated that around 90% of disasters¡ªhurricanes, floods, tsunamis, etc.¡ªare water-related. Could the world be headed for a major water crisis? Is any part of the earth immune to water supply problems? "

Water Quality

•  New policies on radioactive water
(Associated Press, 5/10) " The nuclear industry said Tuesday it will more closely monitor and keep local and state officials informed about releases of radioactive water into groundwater from power plants, though it said such releases have not posed a health risk. "

•  Mariposa ordered to clean up water
(Merced Sun Star, 5/10) " Drinking water in Mariposa could cause health problems if it's consumed for an extended period of time and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently ordered the Mariposa Public Utility District to remove dangerous chemicals from the water. "

•  Well filtration system sought in Monterey County
(Monterey Herald, 5/10) " Citing potential health problems, Monterey County officials have asked operators of the San Jerardo water system south of Salinas to install a filtration system for its contaminated well. "

•  Marysville's water quality gets boost
(Appeal Democrat, 5/10) " Marysville residents, say goodbye to dingy shirts and smelly water. "

•  Tools help small water utilities monitor water
(EPA, 5/9) NEWS RELEASE. " EPA has released a set of user-friendly multimedia products to help small drinking-water utilities determine federal monitoring requirements and prepare water compliance samples under the Safe Drinking Water Act. "

•  Palco gets permits
(Eureka Times-Standard, 5/9) " Water quality officials cut a compromise over the number of acres the Pacific Lumber Co. will be allowed to log in Freshwater Creek and Elk River at a hearing in Santa Rosa on Monday, though all parties were still combing through the order late in the day digesting the details. "

Waste Discharge Requirement

•  State Water Resources Control Board adopts a general Waste Discharge Requirement
( CWEA , 5/4) " On May 2, 2006, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) adopted a General Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) for all publicly owned sanitary sewer collection systems in California with more than one mile of sewer pipe. The goal of the WDR is to provide a consistent statewide approach for reducing Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs). "

¡ª  Water Supply

•  A lot riding on resolving $10 million in water aid
(SD Union Tribune, 5/5) " The water may be flowing, but a promised $10 million is not. More than two years after the first stream of water made its journey to the San Diego region from the Imperial Valley, not a dime of a special $10 million economic aid package has been released. "

•  Tap vs. bottle
(Monterey County Weekly, 5/4) " One morning in late April eight people sat down to a table in the upstairs dining room at Stokes Restaurant in downtown Monterey. Before each place stood a phalanx of wineglasses and a score sheet. Arthur von Wiesenberger, a distinguished-looking man with blue eyes and smooth manner, introduced himself and gave the panelists some pointers on what to look for over the next hour. "

¡ª  Toxic/Hazardous Waste

•  Chico found liable for share of cleanup costs
(Chico ER, 5/9) " State environmental officials last week ruled that the city of Chico is partially responsible for toxic waste found on privately owned land near the Humboldt Road burn dump. "

•  U.S. EPA orders Southern California radiator firm to comply with hazardous waste regulations
(EPA, 5/9) NEWS RELEASE. " The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered Ideal Radiator Corp. of Montebello, Calif. to comply with federal hazardous waste regulations and is seeking fines of up to $32,000 per day per violation. "


¡ª  Global Warming

•  Warming weakens vast Pacific climate system
(Rueters, 5/4) Thanks to Mark Moss for this one: " Climate scientists identified a likely new victim of global warming Wednesday: the vast looping system of air currents that fuels Pacific trade winds and climate from South America to Indonesia. "

•  China's 'roof of the world' glaciers melting fast
(Reuters , 5/3) " Glaciers covering China's Qinghai-Tibet plateau are shrinking by 7 percent a year due to global warming and the environmental consequences may be dire, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday. "

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