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Posted on: 2/25/2010

Announcement of the First Global Chinese Scientists Environmental Protection Forum





The purposes of creating the Global Chinese Scientists Environmental Protection Forum are as follows: (1) To create a platform for Chinese scientists worldwide, individual scientists and/or scientific professional organizations, who care the environmental protection issues in China, (2) To create a communication channel internationally for enhancing China¡¯s environmental protection long term strategies and capabilities.

The inaugural ceremony of the Global Chinese Scientists Environmental Protection Forum will be held on May 5, 2010. Following the ceremony there will be panel discussion sessions with the Forum main theme of ¡°Adaptation to Low-Carbon Society for the Environmental Technologies and Economic Development¡± , all other environmental protection related topics will be centered on the main theme of the 2010 Forum.

This 2010 Global Chinese Scientists Environmental Protection Forum will invite more than 100 participants from overseas Chinese scientists and engineers and over 200 participants from China domestic scientists and engineers to submit papers and participate with the panel discussions; the specific topics will be pollution prevention, control and management, ecological system improvement, economic development of carbon reduction commerce, and strategies of facing the inevitable climate change. The submitted papers and the results of the panel discussion will be assembled into an official publication and will be used as the suggestions of the China¡¯s ¡°12-5¡± Environmental Protection Plan.

Call for Papers and First Forum Registration:

  1. GCSEPF Organization Structure
    • Advisors: State Environmental Protection Bureau

    • Sponsors: China CSES

    • International Co-Sponsors:
    • Southern California Chinese American Environmental Protection Association (SCCAEPA)
    • Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association (OCEESA)
    • Sino-Eco
    • ISESP
    • CAEPA
    • CESPN
    • NACGEA
    • CAPS
    • CSA
    • ENCSS
    • CAST-LA
    • CTUAA-SC
    • Blue Oak Global Holdings
    • Domestic Co-Sponsors: (to be listed on the website)

  1. Forum Dates and Location
  • Dates: May 5-7, 2010.

  1. Call for Papers:
  • Forum Theme: ¡°Adaptation to Low-Carbon Society for the Environmental Technologies and Economic Development¡±
  • Forum Topics:
    1. Pollution Prevention and Management
      1. Water pollution and eutrophication prevention and water quality improvement technologies
      2. Air pollution control technologies
      3. Solids wastes pollution prevention and control, management and reuse/recycling
      4. Soil pollution prevention and control technologies
      5. Agriculture non-point source pollution prevention and management
      6. Ocean pollution prevention and management
      7. Ecological recovery technologies
      8. Noise control and other physical pollution prevention and technologies
      9. Emergency response management of environmental disasters
      10. Standardizations of environmental pollution control technology
      11. Environmental protection policy; pollutants trading, environmental taxation strategy, ecological damage compensation strategy

2. Recycling Economy and Development of Green Industry

      1. New energy source, clean energy technology and industry
      2. Resources recycling and reuse technology and development.
      3. Environmentally friendly technology, product and industry
      4. Clean production system and development
      5. Environmental protection equipment production and development

3. Low-Carbon Economy and Sustainable Development

3.1 Climate change response technology, regulation, and strategy

        3.2 Alert and response systems of Climate Change induced emergencies

        3.3 New energy sources, innovative technology, and green building for the establishment of low-carbon society

        3.4 Creation of low carbon social life style; the trades and management

        3.5 International corporation on development of low-carbon society

        3.6 Standardization of carbon reduction production, specification and performance evaluation system

        3.7 Carbon Foot Print standard and certification regulations

4. Major Environmental Issues and Strategies for China

        4.1 (Topics will center around the ¡°12-5 Plan¡± for important environmental protection issues and key technologies)

IV. Paper Submission Requirements

  • Paper language: Chinese (preferred)
  • Last day of submission: 3/31/2010
  • Please submit paper online with on line registration through the Forum website.

V. Forum Registration

  1. Forum Secretary Contact Information:

    International Contact:

  • Address: Global Chinese Scientists Environmental Protection Forum

    10 Mela Lane, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275, USA.




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