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Posted on: 1/16/2010

Message from the President of SCCAEPA (2010-2011)

Happy New Year!

In the recent board meeting, the board members elected me as the new president for the next two years. I am honored to accept this assignment. I want to thank all the board members for their trust and support. I also want to thank each one of you for your support and participation in all the organization activities.

In the last several years, under the great leadership of Dr. Yue Rong, our organization has achieved tremendous accomplishments and became one of the most active Chinese professional associations in southern California. More Chinese environmental professionals are willing to join us (we now have over 250 members, including 55 life-time members). Our board members have expanded from 9 to 15. Our last two international environmental symposiums have drawn great interests from Chinese environmental communities (domestic and abroad). More organizations and corporations are willing to work with us for various community and international activities. We have launched student scholarship program and online journal publication. Our member experts are frequently shown on newspapers, local TV channels and radio programs. All of these accomplishments are results of countless volunteered hard work by our members. The contributions from all of you are highly appreciated.

Looking ahead, I am very excited about the years to come. Our new board is committed to take our organization to a new level. We have several programs and events in the preparation stage. We may call upon some of you for help in various activities. I am very confident that we can work together to carry out our mission and make our organization stronger. Please don't hesitate to share with us your ideas and constructive suggestions about our organization.


Weixing Tong, President of SCCAEPA (2010-2011)




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