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Posted on: 5/20/2021

SCCAEPA & AEC Environmental Summer Camp

SCCAEPA summer camp
The Southern California Chinese-American Environmental Protection Association (SCCAEPA) and the American Educated Chinese Foundation (AEC) are very excited to announce the first youth environment summer camp for 2021. The camp is for middle-school and high-school students with interests in environmental topics in our community. Students will form teams to conduct self-directed research and design projects. Environmental professionals from SCCAEPA will coach the teams, provide pertinent information, and give guidance to teamsĄ¯ research efforts. Students will have the opportunity to integrate the knowledge they gain from the camp into real-world environmental topics and propose their own feasible solutions. The camp will also identify each studentĄ¯s leadership skill and reinforce it through the project. The project topics for this year include water resource management and conservation, groundwater issues, water treatment, and emerging contaminants. The teams will have field trip opportunities to demonstration sites located in southern California. Each team will enter into a competition by summarizing its research and findings, and presenting them to a group of judges at the end of the camp.

Program Fee: $120

Program Date: June 24 ¨C August 4, 2021

Eligibility: G7 to G12 students in Southern California who have independent study ability

Program Schedule:

Weekly Classes (Wednesday 7-8 PM) + Topic Workshops/Fieldtrip (1-2 hours per week)

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