Welcome to join our association. Those who, including organizations, support and/or directly work in the environmental related fields, and agree to the Bylaw and Purposes of the Association may become a member of the Association. There are four Classes of Membership:

Regular Membership: Those individuals who join the Association according to this Article.

  • Regular Member: $25 / Year
  • Student Member: $15 / Year

Life Membership: A Regular Member may become a Life Member upon paying life membership due.

  • Life-Time Member: $200

Organization Membership: Those corporations, business entities, and foundations that support the Association may become an organization membership of the Association, which shall have the same benefits and obligations as a regular membership.

  • Corporate Member: $100 / Year

Honorary Membership: At the discretion of the Board, there may be additional honorary memberships which shall have no additional voting rights.

You can pay membership due here through PayPal

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