Trip Photos From Yang, Wen

Below are some photos that we took at the White Sands National Park during a recent trip to AZ, NM, and TX. I felt that White Sands NM is the most unique place in North America for a geologist (the white sands are actually gypsum, nearly 100% pure!)

Yang, Wen  Jan 2010

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Here are from the other places.  Some notes:
The Saguaro NP has two parks, both are at the edge of Tucson City.  If time is limited, the West Park, which has better views and hiking trails, should be enough.
The Carlsbad Caverns are worth a visit, but we were not able to see a single bat, which is one of the specular thing there when all the bats fly out of the the caves at sunset. (Each year, from later November to early March, they spend the winter in an unknown place in Mexico.)
The Guadalupe NP has no way to compare with Yosemite or Yellowstone.  However, since it's only about an hour's drive from Carlsbad, we spend a day there anyway.  One good thing is that it was not crowded at all.  On the way hiking to the Guadalupe Peak (highest in Texas), we met only one hiker for the entire trip, partly because many sections of the trail was covered with snow.
The Chiricahua NM on a mass volume of rhyolite and the weathering of the volcanic rock created lots of balanced rocks and other interested features. It is about 30 miles from the town of Wilcox on I-10, takes about an hour and half to drive from Tucson. 
Hope you enjoy the photos.