Inspire and Empower

SCCAEPA Youth Environmental Summer Camp

Our Vision

Inspire: Inpsire students to appreciate our environment, to treasure environmental resources, and to protect environment for the future.

Empower: Provide students the foundation to pursue further education, the basic knowledge of environmental issues and what they can do to build towards a sustainable future.

Our Approach


Project - based Learning

Each camp is a project focused on one environment subject and/or issue. Students will learn in a project-based setting, understanding problem, approach, and solution.


Coach Mentorship

Each camp is led by experienced environmental professionals who are subject matter expert on the project area and have passion to educate and develop youth for a sustainable future.


Balanced Development

Students will learn not only technical information, synthesized knowledge on important and urgent environmental topic, but also public speking, teamwork, and leadership.


Field Trips

Interactive or demonstrative field trips.

Expert Lectures

Coaches or invited expert guest speakers give lectures.

Hands-On Activities

Hands-on activities, including design-build or controlled experiments.

Program Staff

Dr. Scarlett Zhai

Dr. Yiping Cao

Dr. Kun Liu

 Camp Details


The 3rd youth environmental summer camp


1st youth envionrmental summer camp

  • 2021 camp snapshot